Hokkien Chinese Taoist Painting of Seven Haloed “Northern Dipper” Deities

Hokkien Chinese Taoist Painting of Seven Haloed "Northern Dipper" Deities

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A painting commissioned by Taoist devotee "Mr. Jia" of Gao Xi district in Fujian painted by "Cheng Zhong" dated August 1920.  The painting illustrates the "Northern Dipper" deities for the purpose of keeping the incense burning in the temple and bringing prosperity.  The Northern Dipper is part of the Purple Forbidden enclosure in Chinese astronomy and refers to the constellation Ursa Major or the Big Dipper.  In Chinese these deities consist of :

  • The Celestial Pivot (天樞) → 1st star
  • The Celestial Rotating Jade (天璇) → 2nd star
  • The Celestial Shining Pearl (天機) → 3rd star
  • The Celestial Balance (天權) → 4th star
  • The Jade Sighting-Tube (玉衡) → 5th star
  • The Opener of Heat (開陽) → 6th star
  • The Twinkling Brilliance (搖光) → 7th star

which are reflected by their wands with rings containing corresponding gemstones that they each hold in their hands.

Recorded by the priest of the temple as proof of alms giving.

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