Burmese Teak Moulded Relief Lacquered Tablet with 18 Genuine Fire Agate Sitting Buddha Amulets, c. 1960

amulet tablet



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Amulet tablet from Mandalay, Burma made from teak wood and decorated with moulded relief lacquer (thayo) and cut glass inlay.  The back portrays a divine being being greeted by an angel and followed by an attendant surrounded by lotus vegetal designs.  The front contains 18 amulets carved from natural fire agate depicting Buddha in Bhumisparsha (Mother Earth as Witness pose).  18 (9, double 9s) is an auspicious number in Asian cosmology and fire agate is a powerful stone assisting in grounding and enlivening the body, increasing life force, creativity, sexual energy and will power.

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Dimensions 6 x 21 x 49.5 cm